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Finally, I’ve completed transition of this blog to GitHub pages, planned over two years ago. I did the first step — migration to a static site engine (specif­i­cal­ly, Acrylamid) — back in March 2014. And since than I’ve been saying to myself “one day I must move it to a GitHub as it’s a best free hosting for a static site”.

I couldn’t tell for how long I’d continue slacking like this, but now I had to do this. This site was hosted at free hosting service provided by since it’s very beginning and recently I’ve received a no­ti­fi­ca­tion, that EOMY shuts down it’s shared hosting, completely focusing on VDS. It’s a bit sad news, as EOMY managed to provide fan­tas­ti­cal­ly stable and reliable hosting for all this years, so great thank you for them and good luck with VDS business!

By the way, I have plans on im­ple­ment­ing an automated process of site generation and deployment using TravisCI the way it’s done for GCB-JS. If i do this, I’d be able to blog right from GitHub interface, which would be pretty cool :-)

P.S. Bullet for My Valentine — Alone

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