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FSEconomy noob: most profitable assignments?

FSEconomy noob: most profitable assignments?

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Not so long ago I’ve discovered FSEconomy, an economy meta-gate for flightsim fans. Despite of somewhat simplistic core mechanics and unfancy look, it has a very active community and a lot of depth to it. I’ve spent last couple of weeks reading the manual, watching community forums and doing some as­sign­ments in the game itself. And the more I was learning the more questions I was having: where to fly? Which aircraft? Rent, buy or lease? What about FBOs? How to find the best as­sign­ments? The manual and community forums have some advices, but I want more definite answers.

I mean, staying net positive is not so difficult, but being efficient is a whole another story. And I want to be as efficient as I can. Luckily, FSE offers a treasure trove of data to support decision-making in a form of data feeds. So I armed myself with Python and spend a few evenings getting some answers.

Since I’m still quite a noob in this game, my high-level plan is this:

  1. Find the most efficient way to build up initial capital without owning any assets.
  2. Find out which assets (FBOs or aircraft, which ones) would provide the most sig­nif­i­cant cost reduction.
  3. Invest and explore less involved methods of gaining revenue: rent/lease business, FBOs and all other fun.

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