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Google Cache Browser 3.0: Late Announcement

Google Cache Browser 3.0: Late Announcement

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Today I’m going to announce a pet project, which I’ve been working on for a last few month. It happened so that it’s live for more than two years and it’s the third major release, but I never announced it on my blog. Now I have to fix this.

Meet: Google Cache Browser.

The idea behind this project is pretty simple: when viewing Google’s search cache, click on any link on the cached page is going to send you back to live site, not to cache, and there are many situations when this is not what you want. For example, when you site of interest is under maintenance and you need to find something there, all internal links would be broken, leading you to “Temporary unavailable” page.

This is where Google Cache Browser comes in. It would inject himself into cached page, catch all click on links and redirect you to cached versions of paged they point to. The most beautiful thing is that you don’t have to install any kind of browser extensions: GCB is a pure JavaScript running is your browser.

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