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Rogue Ninja support in CLion

Rogue Ninja support in CLion

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In a past few years I’ve been using C++ as my main programming language and during this time I’ve been in constant search for better IDE for it which would run on Linux. I was very happy when Jetbrains released CLion IDE and immediately gave it a try. Though there is a lot to improve yet, I’d say that it has best autocompletion and modern C++ support among C++ IDEs on Linux. The only problem I had with it was a build toolchain which it uses.

Currently CLion supports only CMake projects (with is totally fine for me) with GNU Make generator (which is sad). When using CMake, I always preferred Ninja build system, especially for large projects like one I work on as my main job. For some reason Make does not a very good job at incremental builds. For example, even if there is nothing to rebuild, it spends 5 seconds to only verify this fact, which is pretty annoying. On other hand, Ninja does this in like 200 ms.

Unfortunately, CLion developers currently have no plans on supporting Ninja (I realize that they have many things to do way more important than Ninja support), so I decided to solve this problem by myself.

CMake-Ninja wrapper for CLion

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