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Crowd funding EaxCast podcast

Crowd funding EaxCast podcast

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I’ve never really mentioned this on the Internet, but I’m podcast-addicted kind of person. At the moment I have about 20 different podcasts in my subscription list and I enjoy them very much. Actually, it turned out that listening to podcasts does two important things:

  1. You don’t fall completely bored while doing some monotonic work like house cleaning or dish washing.
  2. It delivers you most of the important news, keeping you up-to-date at no time cost. You know, you have to wash dishes at some point…

In my list there are two categories of podcasts: general tech news and hardcore-geeky-programming stuff. And actually I love latter the most. This kind of discussions make me thinking, directs me while exploring new technologies, teaches about things far beyond of my scope and so on. Unfortunately, there are not so many shows of this kind.

One of the young and promising podcasts is EaxCast and at this time they are raising funds for second season of the show. I’m not a kickstarter kind of person, but what makes these campaign special, is that collected money would be spent on creating text transcripts of the show. Actually, I know only about two tech podcasts, which make these transcripts. First is Security Now and the second is EaxCast.

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