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About me and my blog, third revision

Who am I?

Hi! Thanks for visiting my place!

I’m Alexander Zhirov, and I’m a geek. I’m also known under nicknames Alek$ and nevkontakte. I love programming and computers in general, I’m very interested in information security and especially cryptography and can’t live without music, and even play it a little bit. In past, I was a very active member of Russian phpBB community.

You might find my CV at Linked-in (En) or MoiKrug (Ru).

To contact me, you may use one of the following methods:

  • Email: email
  • Twitter: @nevkontakte
  • or leave a comment somewhere here :-)

What is this place?

This blog is a dump of my mind flow, whatever passes through it :-) It might be just notes about my real life, articles about software development or maybe discussions of some news which hit me. If you are interested only in a specific kind of content — feel free to use tag cloud on the left to filter my posts, I do my best to carefully assign them.

On democracy, orthography and censorship

Since this is my personal place, there will be no democracy here. My word is the final one. This doesn’t mean, though, that I ignore any opinion different from mine. Actually, I embrace discussion and feel free to share your thoughts especially if you think different!

Next, on orthography and language. Talking intelligently is cool! It isn’t very pleasant to read a text flooded with mistakes or some kind of lolspeak. Everyone makes mistakes eventually, me included, but it would be very nice of you to put some effort in running a spell checker before submitting a comment. Modern browsers even have it built-in, so why not to use it, right?

Finally, on censorship. As I said, I’m not gonna remove you comment just because I disagree with you. But I might remove or edit comments which I consider offensive to me or someone else. The same goes to use of obscene language. While it’s a great expression tool when used appropriately, it’s not acceptable when it’s intentionally used to offend someone. So I’ll purge such comments without any remorse. And I always can tell if a phrase is inappropriate, I never mistake in this (see the paragraph on democracy above).

On spam

I appreciate you opinion, but I won’t tolerate meaningless comments posted just to get a link. Also, please use you real nickname when posting something, as I don’t think that ‘buy viagra’ is a valid nickname, especially if you have a doorway specified as your personal site.


So, if you are okay with everything said above — you are welcomed here! Read me, subscribe and share your thoughts with me :-)

P.S. Just for historical reasons, here is a previous version of this page, created back in 2008.