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🚧 Projects

This page is a collection of open source projects and web services I worked on or which have been notable for me in one way or another. Some of these projects are still relevant, most of them are obsolete, all of them were done for fun, not profit (well, not for any significant profit anyway).

Please note this isn’t a professional portfolio. Quite in opposite, it’s largely a collection of curiosities and exercises I did to flex the muscles I don’t get to use too often in my day job. If you are interested in what I do for living, check out my Linkedin profile.

JS-less HSTS super-cookie

A proof-of-concept which emerged out of my interest in web security and privacy, demoing how previously known HSTS super-cookie can be applied even to clients who disable JavaScript in the browser. As of 2020, it concept still works, even though it no longer transcends private browsing mode as it once did.

Live demo GitHub

Google cache browser

A fun little tool, which allows to browse Google search cache in a manner similar to Wayback Machine (albeit without an option to go back in time). It stemed from the discovery that site scripts still run within the context of the cached web page allowing to build a whole web app, which runs inside Google’s cache.

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Nassau International Commerce Bank

This is both a snarky parody on the banking industry and a fictional company within FSEconomy flightsim meta-game, which offers some handy money-related services, which are missing from the game itself. Initially I built most of it to facilitate me specilating on the in-game market, but over time I added a few services that were useful to the larger player community.



A bookmarklet generator for canned responses. I wrote this tool at the time when I had to give repetitive answers over an over again and wanted to save myself some keystrokes. I find that bookmarklets are a wildly underappreciated tool, and this is jsut one use of it.

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Smaller or one-off projects

  • GOST R 34.10-2012 C++ β€” an implementation of an ECC cryptographic signature standard under the same name. I think I implemented it for some contest, so it’s fairly well optimized.
  • tuneLZ C++ β€” another doodad from my university times. At some point we were studying compression algorithms and I had some ideas on how to improve upon the classic LZ78 a bit. It’s still inferior to the modern state of the art, but can serve as a learning material.
  • MOX-Lib PHP β€” a complete implementation of MODX patcher as a self-contained library. This format is sort of a diff on steroids and was the dominant way of distributing phpBB 3.0.x mods. Probably obsolete these days though…
  • Google and Bing Cache Dumpers PHP β€” a couple of scripts for downloading web sites from a search engine cache. Originally developed when a popular at the time web hosting company went down and lost all customer data as a way for people to recover at least some of their web site contents.